5 Things Beauty School Students Don’t Always Expect

If you love styling hair and doing nails, attending beauty school may seem like the perfect career move for you. Indeed, many people do attend beauty school and fall even more in live with cosmetology. But beauty school is not always exactly what they expect! Here are five things you may not expect before going to beauty school. 1. It's very hands-on. School up to this point has probably involved a lot of sitting through lectures and taking notes -- so you might figure that beauty school will be the same. Read More 

Top 3 Essential Tools For The Stylist Who Wants To Go Professional

Do you like giving haircuts to other people? Are you hoping to move on to becoming a professional stylist or barber? If you've been doing this for a while, you probably already have some favorite tools that you use. But to get more professional looks, you'll need to use professional-quality tools. Even if you haven't yet enrolled in a beauty school, here are some quality tools that you should seriously consider investing in: Read More 

Sharpen The Skills That You Have Been Taught In Cosmetology School

If you are attending a cosmetology school and would like to sharpen the skills that your instructor has demonstrated during class time, the following tips may help. As a result, you will be well-prepared for when it is time for you to take the final exam to acquire your license. Offer Pampering Sessions For Family Members Offer to give your family members pampering sessions that include receiving a pedicure, manicure, facial, or any other cosmetic procedure that you have been learning about in cosmetology school. Read More